Town Council Elects Cllr Martin Watkins as Chairman

At the Annual Meeting of the Town Council on Monday evening, Cllr Martin Watkins was chosen to continue in his role as Chairman of the Town Council.

In being elected for the year 2018.19 Cllr Watkins will have been Chairman of the Town Council for three consequetive years and four years in total when his term ends in May 2019.

In accepting the role Cllr Watkins made the following statement.


It is a real honour to be re-elected as the Chairman of this Council as we draw to a close the second period since the reinstatement of the Council in 2011.

I want to highlight just how far we have come since a rookie council took office 7 years ago, We have learned realism both in what we can do and achieve.  We have learned not to be afraid in voicing our own – and I stress our own – opinions. We touch no forelock in deference to a higher authority, quite the opposite.

It is easy enough to mention just a couple of achievements.  Firstly, the toilet block on the Carrs.  If there was ever an example of local opinion being acutely aware of what this town needed, this has to be it.  Never mind that it has been a roaring success, never mind all the puns, every time that Cheshire East look at that building they should be constantly reminded of just how wrong they got it (no political will etc) and just how right a local town council read the mood.

A further example has to be the potential re-opening of the Rex Cinema.  This is an example of a Council working quietly in the background, talking to individuals, businesses, voluntary groups, not particularly spending money, but listening, facilitating, encouraging but above all else moving us all towards a common goal, now within spitting distance of being achieved.  There are individuals working hard in the background who ask for no thanks apart from a real sense of achievement.  Within this council we should acknowledge a lot of hard work (and charm) of Councillor Angela McPake.

Lastly, I should like to mention the work of the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan Group.  So, lets just hear it please for the up to 25 individuals who for the last two years have devoted so much time and energy to produce for us what I promise you will be an outstanding document.  An outstanding document produced by citizens of this town, who believe in this town, stand up for this town and want a say as to how we develop as a town.  But Councillors, when this document is presented and approved, it will be given to you to decide how and when it will be implemented and just how much time, effort and money you will be prepared to devoted to its implementation.

There is much to do and for us to achieve in the coming 12 months.  Time to get to it.