Gateway telephone box refurbished by Town Council

The traditional red telephone box that has stood outside the Unicorn Pub for many years has undergone a full external refurbishment as part of a project to enhance the gateways in to Wilmslow.

The Town Council has previously introduced 'welcome' signage and floral planters to the key gateway entrances in to Wilmslow but recognised that the rather shaby looking telephone box, located as yout enter Wilmsow from the Woodford direction, gave the wrong impression of how we valued our town.

The telephone box has been decommissioned for a number of years and today acts as street art however it is highly valued by local residents.

The refurbishment has been funded by Wilmslow Town Council who have provided the manpower and the replacement glazing units and has been aided by the free provision of finishes kindly donated by Crown Paints.

During the spring the traditional black and white directional posts around the Wilmslow Parish were also repainted after many years of neglect.