Land East Of Royal London House, Alderley Road, Wilmslow


Outline planning application for up to 17,000sqm of new office development (Use Class B1) and up to 1,100 associated car parking spaces; access improvements for vehicles and creation of new pedestrian and cycle routes; and the enhancement of existing and provision of new landscaping (Renewal of 16/2314M).

Last date for submitting comments: 

Thursday 12th September

WTC recommendation: 

Wilmslow Town Council recommend refusal of this application. Wilmslow Town Council is concerned on a number of levels which should be addressed by any application of this scale on this site. The numbers of vehicles on the site as demonstrated by the application for 1100 additional parking bays would have a significant impact of Alderley Road and the Town Centre in terms of congestion, air pollution levels and road safety and the access to and from the site by car should be directly off the adjacent A34 to mitigate these issues. Wilmslow Town Council is concerned that the proposals for the entire strategic site are coming forward piecemeal and is concerned that the plans to link in to existing foul drainage provision may be satisfactory when developments are looked at in isolation but may well not be when considered as a whole. The recent history of flooding along Alderley Road would suggest that the Environment Agency Assessment of the flood risk requires revisiting and that the earlier point regarding sewerage capacity could be impacted by more frequent flooding events. With regards to the proposed cycle provision the Town Council is concerned that Harefield Drive doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate the proposed two-way cycle track. The Town Council also noted that the permission granted over 3 years ago was granted by the Cheshire East Council’s Northern Planning Committee on the basis of ‘very special circumstances put forward by the applicant’ and that it was ‘the expectation of the Planning Committee at that time that the completed development would be occupied by Royal London’. Clearly the renewal is being requested at a time when these very special circumstances are no longer to be met.