Grants and Donations

Wilmslow Town Council considers grant recommendations from its Finance Committee on a quarterly basis at its main Council meeting.

Grants will only be awarded up to £2,000 in most instances and for no more than 50% of the overall project costs.  Full details of the Town Council's criteria for grants and its process for considering applications are given in the Criteria Information.

The Town Council recognises that the objectives of many local groups, societies, clubs, organisations and charities are consistent with its own aspirations and use grants and donations to encourage, promote and facilitate some great work in and around Wilmslow.

To apply for grant funding you will need to consider the grant criteria and consider whether or not your group or organisation and project fit the criteria and is able to provide the necessary information.

Application forms with appropriate attachments should be sent to the Town Council offices as soon as possible.

The Application Form and Grant Criteria can be found below.

Grant applications received in the past twelve months can be viewed in the documents below.