The Town Council provides delegated powers to its Committees in order to deal with the more detailed aspects of running the council.

Each Committee works under appropriate Terms of Reference allowing them to either make decisions on behalf of the Town Council or to make recommendations to be taken to the Town Council for further consideration and adoption.

The Town Council currently has five Committees, three of which meet on a regular basis each month and two of which meet when the need arises,

All Committee meetings are held in public and whilst not being 'Public Meetings' do include an agenda item that enables the public to express a point of view or to ask a question.

Planning Committee

This committee usually meets twice per month, on the second and fourth Mondays at 7.30pm and is empowered by the Town Council to make recommendations to the Planning Authority ( Cheshire East Council) on Planning applications and Licensing applications in Wilmslow.

These meeting are often well attended by the public and the members appreciate the additional information that can often be provided by the public prior to the commiittee arriving at their decisions.

Finance Committee

This committee usually meets once a month, usually on the fourth Monday ahead of the Planning Committee. The Finance Committee monitor and manage the finances of the Town Council and make recommendations as to the financial governance of the council. In addition the Finance Committee has a significant role in examining all requests for Grant assistance and in making recommendations to the Town Council for the awarding of grants.

Community and Order Committee

This Committee is responsible for managing environmental improvements in the town including floral planters, certain adopted shrub beds and provide direction to the Handyman Service that enhances maintenance in Wilmslow. The Committee also oversees Town Council events which include the Cinema on the Carrs and all aspects of Christmas lighting from the purchase and installation to the switch-on event. In a varied portfolio the committee regularly meet with the local emergency service representatives. Meetings are usually monthly and usually take place ahead of the Main Town Council meeting on the third Monday of the month.

Assets and Services Committee

This Committee meets as and when required to consider any matters that concern the management of Town Council Assets or Services. The Committee usually will make recommendations for consideration by the Town Council.

Employment Committee

This Committee meets as and when required to consider any matters that concern employment matters. Whilst these meetings are also held in pubilc they often include a section of the agenda that is likely to be dealt with in private due to the confidencial nature of the information under discussion.

Details of all meeting dates, times and locations can be found in the meetings section on the website